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Since 1993

In Messilä, Lahti

Snowmobile and All-Terrain Vehicle Safaris

During winter seasons, we offer Snowmobile Safaris, Sport Equipment and other experience services in Lahti!

 group Adventures!

Let’s go explore the outdoors together and experience walking in snowshoes and exciting hill sliding with sleds! Order all of the needed equipment to your hotel. Snowshoes, sticks and sleds in place for the evening. Price is 20€ per person. The package includes snowshoes, sticks and a sled. We will bring the equipment to the hotel by pre-order, return to the same spot. We can include together with Messilä. 

Overnight customer!

We offer Non-Stop snowmobile driving with 5 snowmobiles for an hour! Snowmobile test-driving is suitable for everyone. There can be even 20 drivers! Winter day can be filled with driving snowmobiles, grilled sausages on open fireplace, coffee, juice and chilling! We recommend break servings such as hot coffee, juice and grilled sausages, which can be ordered through Messilä. Price from 500 €.


More activities

For rent

  • Led Horseriding 450 €/3 horses /2 hours
  • Childpark 45 €/Nanny /Hour (up to 5 children, over 5-year-old)
  • Sleds 6 €/Sled /Day
  • Nordic Walk Sticks 8 €/Pair of Sticks /Day
  • Storm Lamps 6 €/Lamp /Day
  • Snowshoes /Sticks 20 €/ Half a Day, 30 € /Whole Day
  • Stiga-Sleds 12 €/Sled /Day
  • Ice Fishing Set 25 €/Set /Day (the set includes an auger, stool, ice fishing pole and baits)
  • Tandem-skis 25 €/Pair of Skis /Day
  • Downhill Skiing Suits 35 €/Suit /Day
  • Sumo Wrestling Suits+ Tatami 250 €/Day

Prices include VAT 10 / 24 %.

We will deliver the rent equipment to the place of your desire in Messilä area at the desired time. Service fee is 10 €.


Jump up

For Jump Up the customer is valuable, no matter if you are alone or in a group. Our overall services are always fulfilled with customer oriented approach. Ask us for more, we will gladly advice and guide in different activities and experience needs.

If you wish, ”Paja” – the old blacksmith’s workshop building – will work as your lay-by spot. All of the the stories are awaken around the open fireplace at Paja. Everyone will surely enjoy the warm environment there.